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Children ‘spectacularly failed’ in State experiment

  Following reports that a thousand young girls have been sexually assaulted in Telford, an independent MEP has called for a change in the law to try to prevent more children becoming victims. Jonathan Arnott, a former teacher who represents the North East of England in the European Parliament, has made the proposal after many […]

Response to UKIP statement

I have read the UKIP statement requesting that I step down as an MEP after my resignation from the Party. In that statement UKIP claims that such a decision is a ‘matter of honour’ because, before I was elected in 2014, I agreed not to step down from the Party. In employment law, there is […]

Statement on the Brexit Bill defeat in the House of Lords

The House of Lords has passed an amendment to the Brexit Bill, Amendment 9B, which states that the government must bring forward proposals to ensure that citizens of other EU and EEA countries and their family members who are legally resident in the UK must be allowed to remain in the UK and continue to […]

Statement on the resignation of Nigel Farage MEP

Like most of you, I have just seen the news that Nigel Farage has resigned as leader of UKIP. I could say many things about Nigel Farage, as I’m sure we all could. But I’ll point out the two most obvious in my view. Nigel is the greatest orator of our time. His public speaking […]