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Brexit Day and democracy has been betrayed

“Today is the day the United Kingdom should have been leaving the EU – and just look at the appalling mess we are in,” said local MEP Jonathan Arnott . “It is a disgrace that this country finds itself in such an uncertain and chaotic situation because of incompetent and self-serving MPs. “As we are […]

Fishing for Leave Flotilla

North East MEP Jonathan Arnott will be showing his support for the Fishing for Leave campaign by attending the Tyne flotilla event tomorrow. (Fri) The Fishing for Leave is kicking-off the March to Leave to Westminster and Mr Arnott, Independent Euro-MP,  is backing the groups who want MPs to honour the Brexit vote. “This is […]

Brexit will almost certainly be delayed, one way or the other.

Following the Prime Minister’s statement today local MEP Jonathan Arnott said, “Theresa May’s statement today makes it clear – but not in so many words – that Brexit will almost certainly be delayed, one way or the other. “IF her deal passes on March 12th, it is likely that there will be a need for a […]

Europe Day Bank Holiday Bribe

The plan to declare Europe Day – May 9 – a Bank Holiday across the European Union has been described as “a bribe”. MEP Jonathan Arnott, who hit out at the plan ahead of today’s vote by the European Parliament,  said it was “to bribe voters with a holiday to like the European Union more. […]