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North East Fishermen News Welcomed

A concession that the North East’s fishermen would gain in the event of a no-deal Brexit, made by an EU Commissioner, has been welcomed by a local MEP. Speaking to the EU Budget Committee in response to questions from Jonathan Arnott and others, Commissioner Oettinger said: “Fishermen from France, Ireland, Germany, Denmark fish in UK waters […]

For the last three years, one thing has dominated the news

For the last three years, one thing has dominated the news. Many people, whichever way they voted, are sick of hearing the word Brexit. They’re bored. They want to move on. And here I am, writing another article about it. Whenever I write on important issues from sexual abuse to charity,  from religious freedom to […]

Statements regarding Theresa May’s Brexit deal defeat

Following Theresa May’s Brexit deal defeat North East Independent MEP Jonathan Arnott said, “The British government  has today gone down to the biggest defeat of any government in British history, on the most critical issue of our generation. “This should be a huge win for those of us who recognise the massive failings of Theresa […]


A chilling warning about a new EU proposal to protect their budget by suspending payments to Member States it does not agree with has been given by MEP Jonathan Arnott.   “The EU Commission is trying a huge power grab,” he said.   “It wants to gain the power to stop sending money back to […]

The ECJ is there to interpret EU law, not make laws

A ruling today by the European Court of Justice has been highlighted by an MEP as another reason why Brexit should go ahead. The ECJ has announced that the UK can cancel Brexit without the permission of the other 27 EU member states and without altering the terms of Britain’s membership. “Basically the ECJ has […]

Statement regarding the draft Agreement on Brexit

Independent North East MEP Jonathan Arnott has issued the following statement with regard to the draft Agreement on Brexit, which will go before Cabinet shortly. “The People of the United Kingdom participated in a Vote in June 2016. That vote of the people mandated withdrawal from the European Union. More people supported Brexit than have […]