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 The UK is on the brink of a massive recycling crisis

Dear Sir, It is plain that the UK is on the brink of a massive recycling crisis and it is one the government can no longer ignore. We had impossible recycling targets thrust on us by the EU under the Waste Framework Directive and this threw our local authorities into a tail spin to try […]

Statement on tonight’s House of Commons vote

My statement on tonight’s House of Commons vote: MPs should consider the consequences of their actions. Tonight the House of Commons has spoken, on a vote of 309 to 305, to require the future UK-EU deal to be approved by a statute passed by Parliament. Those who supported this motion are seeking to undermine Brexit […]

Statement on the UK-EU Brexit agreement

“Senior EU figures are now openly calling for a United States of Europe by 2025; the good news is that we’re getting off the train before it reaches a destination where almost nobody in the UK wants to go. When the former President of the European Parliament, now the second-most powerful politician in Germany, joins […]

Fishing for Amendments

Seeing the slow but inexorable decline in our fishing industry has been frankly heartbreaking. Our once proud fishing fleets have been decimated by EU legislation and during the referendum campaign fishing communities were amongst the loudest voices in the Leave camp having experienced how disastrous EU policy has been to our country. It was hoped […]

A lot of fake news comes from the heart of Westminster

Dear Editor, Fake news has become a common and controversial topic in UK politics, often blamed on Russian spy agencies and foreign powers trying to subvert Western democracies – but, in reality, it’s more likely to be generated by the power of the internet to spread information without quality control or checks. However, a lot […]

Budget response

UKIP’s Treasury Spokesman Jonathan Arnott has reacted to ‘a budget of tinkering and gimmicks’, which fails to deal with the real issues underpinning the British economy and fails to plan to take advantage of the opportunities provided by Brexit.Jonathan Arnott said “By failing to plan for Brexit, he plans to fail. This is a Budget […]