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Do you want more prisons? Or more criminals on your street?

Dear Editor, Due to mismanagement by successive Tory and Labour governments our country is in the midst of a long-running and high-profile prison crisis. We do not have enough prisons or cells, and many of those we do are outdated and unfit for purpose. We do not have nearly enough prison staff and our prison […]

Supreme Court ruling response

“I am disappointed by the outcome of this case. There were strong legal arguments put forward on both sides, and ultimately I had hoped that the government’s case would prevail because it would have reduced the risk of even greater delay to the British people’s decision to leave the European Union. “Nevertheless, the ruling has […]

Impact of the Landfill Directive

Dear Editor, As a UKIP MEP I obviously look forward to the day we get our country back and are free of the EU shackles. Having to dance to their tune is just wrong and I am thrilled that we voted to make our own music in last June’s Referendum. Meanwhile, though not everyone is […]

Greater emphasis needed on academic standards

A study showing that 90% of secondary schools in Redcar and Cleveland have worse than expected progress scores demonstrates the need for greater emphasis on academic standards, said local MEP Jonathan Arnott today. The findings have emerged through new ‘Progress 8’ statistics following the 2016 GCSE results. Progress 8 is a measure of average pupil […]

Football must be a safe environment for our children

Dear Editor I would like to take this opportunity to praise all those who have come forward to report sexual abuse suffered whilst taking part in youth football. This is an incredibly brave thing to do and not only does it ensure that we can punish those responsible for these despicable crimes, but it also […]

Labour are worried that their pro-EU message may not be resonating with voters

Dear Editor, The media has reported that senior Labour figures have blamed their poor performance (a drop from second to fourth) in the Sleaford by election on difficulties caused by voters’ focus on Brexit. It seems that some in Labour are worried that the pro-EU, pro-uncontrolled immigration, anti-patriotic, anti-monarchy and anti-armed forces message so beloved […]

Drug companies fines should go to NHS

Local MEP Jonathan Arnott is urging the government to divert the £89.4 million fines levied for drug overcharging from the Treasury to the health service. “Considering the financial constraints facing the NHS in in the North East, as well as the rest of the country, I think it would be an appropriate use of the […]

Figures show government failure over immigration

Latest figures showing that net migration has remained near record levels  shows the government has failed miserably in its promises to cut immigration, said local UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott today. “These figures reveal that net migration at 335,000 was the second highest number on record and the number of EU citizens coming to live in […]

Brexit vote having positive impact on the North East

Figures showing a staggering 20,000 drop in the North East unemployment rate, with just 79,000 now out of work, demonstrates that the Brexit vote is already having a positive impact on the region, said UKIP’s local Euro-MP Jonathan Arnott. The figures represent the fastest fall in the United Kingdom, with the North East having halved […]