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Anger over EU private army costs

A £230 million bill for UK taxpayers including helping fund a ‘private army’ to protect EU MPs has been slammed by MEP Jonathan Arnott. Estimates have shown the European Parliament’s budget is rising to £1.7 billion – an above inflation increase of 3.3 per cent. This includes funding of a private army, known as “Unit […]

IJonathan Arnott steps into the ring for charity

A North East political heavyweight is set to step into the boxing ring at London’s famous boxing venue, the York Hall, to become a heavyweight of another kind next month. Chess playing MEP Jonathan Arnott will be punching above his weight – literally – when he swaps the chequered board for boxing gloves in a […]

I do not feel that David Cameron is a suitable candidate for the office of Secretary General of NATO

Dear Editor, The political establishment recently launched a campaign to promote David Cameron as a candidate for the next Secretary General of  NATO.   David Cameron oversaw a government that made savage, reckless, shortsighted and damaging cuts to our armed forces – particularly the Royal Navy. As a result of these cuts the UK’s Army, […]

The UK foreign aid budget is now so large that the government can no longer even think of sensible things to spend it on

Dear Editor, The UK government has long been criticised for providing foreign aid to countries with space programmes and nuclear weapons programmes, or to countries in the G20. Tabloid newspapers give us stories of our foreign aid budget being used to support girl bands and the growth of football. And now further media reports reveal […]

HMP Northumberland is not even close to being fit for purpose

Dear Editor, The recent Panorama investigation is just the latest in a long series of damning reports on HMP Northumberland.  It is clear that this prison is not even close to being fit for purpose; even within a prison system that is in the midst of a widespread crisis HMP Northumberland stands out as a […]

It is time for our national conversation to move away from discussing whether Brexit will happen to a debate on how to make Brexit work for everyone in the UK

Dear Editor, Brexit has now been approved by both the EU referendum and the House of Commons – it will happen.  It is time for our national conversation to move away from discussing whether Brexit will happen to a debate on how to make Brexit work for everyone in the UK. Even now, almost eight […]

If peers reject the Brexit Bill they will be kicking off a constitutional crisis the likes of which has not been seen in British politics for centuries

Dear Editor, Last night MPs in the House of Commons passed the Brexit Bill. The Bill will now head to the House of Lords so that peers can debate and vote on it. Brexit has the biggest mandate in the history of British politics and this Bill was overwhelmingly passed (without amendment) in the House […]

China’s social care system is China’s responsibility, not ours

Dear Editor, Media reports have revealed that our government has decided to give an additional £1.3 billion in foreign aid to a list of countries including India and China – despite both nations having a space programme. Every day more frontline services are cut in the name of Tory austerity, yet that same government has […]

A fair and impartial judiciary must be the cornerstone of our legal system

Dear Editor, As broadcaster Michael Crick has correctly pointed out, UK media gives huge amounts of coverage to US Supreme Court appointments but virtually ignores appointments to the UK Supreme Court. Thankfully in most situations, British judges have resisted the kind of judicial activism which has taken lawmaking away from democratically-elected bodies in the USA. […]