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Two fantastic UKIP public meetings this week‏

UKIP have held two fantastic public meetings in the last two days, with the region’s UKIP MEP, Jonathan Arnott, and Blair Smillie, UKIP’s Spokesman on the UK coal industry as guest speakers. The first of the two public meetings was held in Killingworth, in the North Tyneside constituency. Following the meeting, UKIP’s North Tyneside Chairman, Gary Legg, said “It […]

Letter – The NHS must put patient care above all else

Dear Editor, Recent reports show that more than a thousand patients a day are taking up beds in NHS hospitals because nobody is available to look after them at home. The solution to the NHS crisis is more than just throwing money at the problem – it is about careful management and spending money wisely. […]

Jonathan Arnott MEP criticises “culture of disbelief” over rape cases

–   UKIP MEP claims a ‘culture of disbelief’ exists among some of our region’s police forces surrounding rape. –   The Euro MP welcomes independent scrutiny panel which seeks to ‘shine a light’ on the way Durham police force investigates reported cases of rape.   A ‘culture of disbelief’ exists among some police forces in the […]

Letter – Correcting tiresome Labour spin

Dear Editor,   With another day comes another Labour attack claiming UKIP wish to privatise the NHS.   It is kind of Mr Blenkinsop to try to mislead your readers, but here are a few facts about UKIP’s policy on the NHS (taken directly from our Policies for People document): – UKIP will ensure the […]

Letter – Same old Labour, all talk – no substance

Dear Editor, Labour’s new “anti-UKIP unit” has sprung into action, launching spin and (often anonymous) personal attacks all across the country.  Yesterday, Mr Miliband boldly declared Labour needed to debate UKIP to show “where they stand.” Our response? Bring it on!  Nigel Farage immediately accepted the challenge. Sadly, Mr Miliband promptly backed down.   Same old […]