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Letter- More of the same is not good enough

Dear Editor, Nick Clegg has called for the replacement of outdated trains in our region.   He says he wants “significant improvement” and calls them “ancient,” “decrepit” and “unfit.”  This was all very commendable, until he showed his true colours and revealed his blatant electioneering. Clegg wants to see these “ancient” and “unfit” trains replaced by […]

Letter – Thoughts on the UCL immigation study

Dear Editor, There has been much discussion generated by the UCL immigration study.  UKIP have never said that immigration is simply a drain on our benefit system.  Many immigrants have a very positive effect on our society and economy and this has been the case for hundreds of years; it has no relation to the EU. […]

UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott responds to EU Court of Auditors annual report

UKIP MEP and member of European Parliament Budget Control Committee, Jonathan Arnott today said: “The auditors’ report shows that last year’s massive increase in errors and fraud in the EU budget was no one-off but part of a systemic failure. We’ve got multinationals claiming small business relief, farms claiming buildings as grazing land and officials […]

EU accounts fail audit for 19th year in a row

For the 19th year in a row, the EU’s Court of Auditors has refused to give a clean bill of health to the EU’s accounts for the year ending 31st December 2013. The EU’s Court of Auditors registered an ‘adverse opinion’ about the legality and regularity of EU payments, blasting them as being “materially affected […]

Cameron left “battered and bruised” by euro elite says UKIP’s Jonathan Arnott MEP

An EU Commission chief’s comments stating that there is ‘no discretion’ on the EU’s £1.7bn surcharge and ‘no discretion either not to apply the penalty interests’ shows that Cameron’s pledge not to pay a sum is ‘pie in the sky’, according to UKIP’s EU Budget Spokesman, Jonathan Arnott MEP. The comments were made in the […]

Letter – We must make people’s pay go further

Dear Editor, Sadly, I read more reports about low pay and high unemployment in our region.  It is vital that our politicians and businesses work together to provide more jobs and better pay for our workforce, but this issue goes deeper than this. We must make people’s pay go further, there are many ways of […]

Letter – The NHS must prioritise patient care above all else

Dear Editor, I find it distressing to read that an 86 year old woman who “has had three heart attacks, heart surgery, cancer treatment and can hardly walk” has been told she no long qualifies for free NHS patient transport.  Surely this goes against the entire point of the NHS if we refuse services to […]

Commission Question: Could the Commission provide details of the composition of working groups which advise it on legislation?

Question to the Commission for written answer E-007757/2014: Could the Commission provide details of the composition of working groups which advise it on legislation?   Answer given by Mr Barroso on behalf of the Commission: The Register of Commission expert groups and other similar entities (http://ec.europa.eu/transparency/regexpert/index.cfm) provides for information on the composition of each entity published therein. Individual […]