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If peers reject the Brexit Bill they will be kicking off a constitutional crisis the likes of which has not been seen in British politics for centuries

Dear Editor, Last night MPs in the House of Commons passed the Brexit Bill. The Bill will now head to the House of Lords so that peers can debate and vote on it. Brexit has the biggest mandate in the history of British politics and this Bill was overwhelmingly passed (without amendment) in the House […]

China’s social care system is China’s responsibility, not ours

Dear Editor, Media reports have revealed that our government has decided to give an additional £1.3 billion in foreign aid to a list of countries including India and China – despite both nations having a space programme. Every day more frontline services are cut in the name of Tory austerity, yet that same government has […]

A fair and impartial judiciary must be the cornerstone of our legal system

Dear Editor, As broadcaster Michael Crick has correctly pointed out, UK media gives huge amounts of coverage to US Supreme Court appointments but virtually ignores appointments to the UK Supreme Court. Thankfully in most situations, British judges have resisted the kind of judicial activism which has taken lawmaking away from democratically-elected bodies in the USA. […]

Fishing must not be an afterthought in the Brexit negotiations

Dear Editor I’ve just read the government’s White Paper,  which sets out some of the UK’s position on Brexit. The entire 77-page document contains only one paragraph of weasel words on fishing, something which disappoints me because we live in a coastal region with a huge fishing tradition. In the run up to the EU […]

Is May selling fishermen down the river?

Following the announcement of the Brexit White Paper, North East MEP Jonathan Arnott said ”As a region with plenty of coastline and a huge fishing tradition, many people in the North East will have considerable unease about the White Paper on Brexit published today. “When we leave the European Union, we should insist that we […]

Do you want more prisons? Or more criminals on your street?

Dear Editor, Due to mismanagement by successive Tory and Labour governments our country is in the midst of a long-running and high-profile prison crisis. We do not have enough prisons or cells, and many of those we do are outdated and unfit for purpose. We do not have nearly enough prison staff and our prison […]

Supreme Court ruling response

“I am disappointed by the outcome of this case. There were strong legal arguments put forward on both sides, and ultimately I had hoped that the government’s case would prevail because it would have reduced the risk of even greater delay to the British people’s decision to leave the European Union. “Nevertheless, the ruling has […]