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Money saving proposals rejected by EU

Proposals by UKIP which would have saved more than €3.4 billion taxpayers money have been thrown out by the EU. “This is how the European Union operates – spend, spend, spend and to hell with the cost, as it not coming out of over-paid bureaucrats’ pockets,” said Jonathan Arnott, UKIP’s North East MEP. “We put […]

Nissan news welcomed by Jonathan Arnott MEP

News that the Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail models will be built at Nissan’s Sunderland plant, securing in the region of 7,000 jobs, has been welcomed by local UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott. Whilst the Qashqai decision had been expected, the X-Trail was more of a surprise. Almost one-third of all cars made in the UK last […]

An EU employee has been put on leave and given €18,000 per month

An “appalling money for nothing” scheme for EU employees taking early retirement has been highlighted by UKIP. The issue has come to light after approval was given this week for an employee to be put on leave and given €18,000 per month potentially for five years. The unnamed staff member currently earns €12,000 a month […]

Crime is on the rise all across the North East

Dear Editor, It was very concerning to read new statistics revealed on Thursday (20/10/16) showing that crime is on the rise all across the North East. Crime rose 35% in Northumbria, 19% in Durham and 11% Cleveland. Northumbria had the highest crime increase in England and Wales.  At the same time, the Conservative government is continuing […]

Crime rises across the North East

Newly released figures showing that crime is up in the North East paint a “very worrying picture” said the region’s UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott. The figures revealed by Office of National Statistics show that across the region the number of recorded crimes, excluding fraud, are up by by 24%. by 190,022. The breakdown shows that […]

Bus lanes were not created to punish drivers

Dear Editor I just read an article on the ChronicleLive website (14/10/16) which highlighted recent comments from a retired policeman about the Newcastle bus lanes. This is an issue that constituents have raised with me on numerous occasions. Many people (especially from other areas who are not used to driving in Newcastle) feel that it is […]