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If UKIP Wins a Westminster Seat Next Month, Nigel Farage Cannot Be Excluded From TV Debates at the General Election?

Barring any massive shift in public opinion, UKIP will gain its first elected MP in just a few weeks time on 9 October. Parliamentary by-elections may normally be of interest only to political anoraks, but this one could have a profound and lasting impact on the UK. Douglas Carswell did the honourable thing by ‘resigning’ […]

Lightning always strikes twice in the European Parliament

Lightning can indeed strike twice. Only last week, democracy was subverted by the European Parliament stitching up the vice-presidents to break the mould of the usual system. This week, they apply similar undemocratic tactics to the composition of Committees. In the European Parliament, the chairmanship (and vice-chairmanships) of a committee is allocated by strict formulas. […]

North East local election results

The First Past The Post system continues to make it difficult for UKIP to take Council seats across the North East, but UKIP fielded candidates in 102 of the 121 Council seats up for grabs this time.  A few key facts in these seats: UKIP won 2 seats, with a further 63 second-place finishes In […]

Thank you

Well here we are. After months of campaigning up and down the North East, dozens of public meetings, town centre Action Days, many hours spent knocking on doors and delivering leaflets, the day has finally arrived. Many will have already voted by post, and others will be voting today despite the rain. UKIP supporters are […]