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Letter – Don’t believe Labour’s Lies

Dear Editor, It was bitterly disappointing to see Labour’s MP for Hartlepool, Iain Wright, resort to gutter-style politics in Wednesday’s (Oct 15th) edition of the Northern Echo. Labour seem completely incapable of debating UKIP on policy, so instead, have resorted to smears and lies, in a measly attempt to stop the UKIP surge in Hartlepool. […]

Letter- A long-term railway investment plan is required

Dear Editor, Last week, Grand Central announced a large investment in the region’s rail network, but the Journal’s story today reinforced yet again just how much work is ahead of us before infrastructure in the North East is on par with the rest of the country. Whether you are travelling to work, an event or […]

Shock new figures show UKIP could be set to win Hartlepool

UKIP could be set to win Hartlepool at next year’s general election according to shock new figures released by a national newspaper over the weekend. UKIP came just 617 votes off Labour’s Liz McInnes in last Thursday’s Heywood and Middleton by-election, with the party increasing its share of the vote from just 2.63% in 2010 […]

Letter – Time to gain control of our borders

Dear Editor,   Due to the high number of immigrants moving to the UK because of EU enforced unlimited migration laws, recent reports have revealed that the UK now has one of the highest birth rates in Europe. Our health system is under unprecedented strain, our public transport is overloaded, and we face a severe […]

Letter – Shaking up the cosy chumocracy

Dear Editor,   It’s a given that if you wish to shake up the cosy chumocracy in Parliament that you’ll receive a host of attacks, and be on the end of a type of politics, which quite frankly, should remain in the gutter. Dennis Sewell’s letter yesterday (07.10.14) was a fine example of this. When […]

Seized cash should be used for communities

Jonathan Arnott, the region’s local UKIP MEP, has thrown his weight behind calls for communities blighted by crime to receive all of the assets and cash seized from local criminals by councils “I fully support the Local Government Association (LGA) in their demands for communities affected by crime to benefit from the assets seized from […]

EU Anti-Fraud Chief admits fraud is on the rise in the EU budget

A UK Independence MEP caused a stir in the European Parliament’s Budgetary Control Committee recently after he obtained a startling admission from the head of the European Union’s anti-fraud body – that fraud within the EU budget is rising. Giovanni Kessler, the Director General of OLAF, was appearing before the European Parliament Committee speaking to […]