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Reason #0: Our predictions were correct

There’s just time for the 8th in my 7-part series of reasons for voting UKIP. I hadn’t planned or written an 8th piece, but figures out today demand it.   Today there’s one more reason for voting UKIP. At the end of last year, we highlighted the fact that from January 2014 we would have […]

Reason #1: Vote UKIP, Get UKIP

For over a decade, UKIP’s opponents have said that ‘a vote for UKIP is a wasted vote’. This time, opinion polls show that UKIP could not only take seats but win this year’s European elections. If you vote UKIP tomorrow, there’s a realistic chance that UKIP can win. Labour has always suggested that a vote […]

Reason #2: It’s just not democracy

In our Westminster Parliamentary democracy, our elected government and Parliament have power (or at least they did until we signed away the right to make 75% of our laws to Brussels). The government of the day decides what the laws should be, and the Civil Service is entrusted with the detailed drafting. Bills then go […]

Can Christians support UKIP?

Tonight I’ve been asked (presumably because I’m known to be both a Christian and the General Secretary of UKIP / lead North East candidate) what my thoughts are about Christianity and UKIP. Is it even possible, some have asked, for a Christian to support UKIP? If the polls are correct, as a Christian I won’t […]

Reason #3: Uncontrolled immigration doesn’t work

Whilst we’re in the European Union we are required to accept unlimited immigration from 27 other EU countries. UKIP isn’t opposed to immigration, but we are opposed to uncontrolled immigration. It’s an important distinction, and one that our opponents ignore so that they can caricature us. The logic of the other parties goes like this: […]

What about the local elections?

I’m standing in the European elections, so for the vast majority of this campaign I’ve been talking about the European elections. But in many areas of the North East and throughout the country, we have UKIP candidates standing for Council elections on the same day. It’s become almost the forgotten campaign, with very little media […]

Reason #4: EU money is OUR money

Today’s reason for voting UKIP is quite a simple one. The other parties point to plenty of examples of ‘EU funding’ as evidence that we should be a member of the EU. For example, on St. George’s Day we had the largest ever public meeting in the history of UKIP at the Sage, Gateshead. 1,200+ […]

More thoughts from Blyth

Today’s campaigning was my second visit to Blyth Market; I didn’t think it was possible to get a better reaction than the last time. But what was surprising was how quickly Correx boards and window posters were being taken. People didn’t just want to vote UKIP, they wanted to show that they were voting UKIP. […]

Reason #5: EU laws override UK laws

Since the Treaty of Rome, EU law overrides UK law. We don’t really have much influence either. The UK has opposed 55 measures in the Council of Ministers since 1996; every single one of those 55 measures has become law in this country anyway. Worse still, in areas of ‘EU competence’ our UK government is […]