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Conservative MEP says ‘vote Conservative’

When Daniel Hannan (here) writes about UKIP’s chances in the North East, there is only one logical conclusion: he expects the Conservatives to take a real battering at the polls in May.  It shouldn’t really be any surprise that one Conservative MEP suggests that people vote for….another Conservative MEP.  In other news, bears do indeed […]

Uncontrolled immigration from Bulgaria and Romania

Much has been written on the situation in Sheffield’s Page Hall district regarding the Roma community, mainly from Slovakia.  UKIP’s position is perfectly clear: immigrants are guests in our country and should be expected to respect our culture.  Those who commit crimes in the UK should expect to be deported.  But of course, whilst in […]

A great weekend for UKIP

There’s not much that beats speaking to potential new UKIP members, so I was actually quite pleased to get the call to speak at a public meeting in Stockton on Friday before the NE Conference – even though it meant I’d miss out on the Tynemouth dinner.  By all accounts, the dinner was a real […]

Nissan won’t leave UK over EU

I really need to update this site more often!  The Nissan story is one which causes real concern in the North East.  This is yet another example of scaremongering from the pro-EU lobby.  Firstly, Ghosn didn’t actually say that Nissan would leave the UK if we weren’t in the EU.  He didn’t even imply that […]

Gibraltar and the Falklands

I sat staring at my computer screen wondering how to begin this article for quite a while.  In politics, in writing and in teaching, I usually take difficult concepts and explain them in ways that the average person on the street can understand.  I can’t write that kind of article today, because the concept is […]

Quotas, women, chess and Stuart Wheeler

Stuart Wheeler is an absolutely first-rate chap.  He’s a great Treasurer and passionate believer in the UKIP cause. He opposes quotas for women on boards, and his comments comparing the shortage of top women in chess, bridge and poker with the shortage of women in the boardroom have led to some serious criticism.  In this […]

Honoured to be selected as MEP candidate

I am delighted and honoured to have been selected as a UKIP candidate for the MEP elections in 2014. Roughly 200 candidates applied, and this has now been whittled down to the final 60. My assessment score was the 7th best in the country.   The members’ ballot comes next. UKIP members from all over […]

What is UKIP’s vision for Britain?

I had an interesting email recently from a UKIP parish councillor, who said that he’s constantly asked the question “UKIP want to leave the EU, but what is their vision for Britain?”    This is a massive question and a short article can’t do justice to it but any attempt is better than none.  I’ll […]

Save money, cut a quango

A group of academics at universities in Sheffield and Birmingham have claimed that UKIP’s plan to cut spending on quangos is over-simplistic.  I don’t agree. It is always possible for researchers to find some quangos that do good work, whereas others (for example the Potato Council – yes, it does really exist and pays its […]

Nigel Farage speaks at Leeds mosque

I am delighted that Nigel Farage has spoken today at the Ghousia mosque in Armsley, near Leeds. What has been really striking is the reaction online.  Those who claim (mainly the ‘Hope Not Hate’ lot) that UKIP has some soft undercurrent of racism have been thoroughly shown up.  I’ve seen precisely one UKIP supporter complain […]