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Reason #6: Send them a message

The political establishment in this country has become so complacent. They take our votes for granted. In the last few months, UKIP has had dozens of public meetings up and down the North East of England. The meetings aren’t stage-managed and we take questions from members of the public wherever we go. When was the […]

Reason #7: Jobs, jobs, jobs

In the week approaching the European elections, I’ll be looking at seven good reasons to vote UKIP. Starting with no.7, you should vote UKIP because outside the EU we’d have more jobs. We’re going to start by nailing the Lib Dem myth that millions of jobs ‘depend on the EU’. They don’t. They depend on […]

10 days to go…

We’re just 10 days away from the European elections, and many people will have already voted by post. UKIP is at the top of the polls, but at the bottom of the ballot paper here in the North East. Today, we filmed in Gateshead for Look North. There was nearly two hours of filming, for […]

Ground-breaking poll shows UKIP leading in the North

For the first time, UKIP is in the lead for the European elections across the North of England – according to a poll for YouGov.  The figures show that UKIP has overtaken the Labour Party – see page 2 of the data here for the full poll, including regional breakdown for the North. UKIP 35% […]

Sage Gateshead event a huge success

Yesterday was, without a doubt, the best day on the campaign trail so far. The media scrum, of course, turned up to Yarm to do interviews with UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP in the early afternoon. I did a few brief interviews, but nothing major. Not long after stepping off the bus, Nigel met a […]

UKIP candidates’ Brussels visit

The European Parliament and surrounding buildings are the perfect metaphor for the institutions themselves.  Everything is larger than life, expensive and luxurious.  Floor upon floor of office space dominates the skyline and everything around it, with an army of staff shuttling backwards and forwards – from one building to another, or from Brussels to Luxembourg, […]

Conservative MEP says ‘vote Conservative’

When Daniel Hannan (here) writes about UKIP’s chances in the North East, there is only one logical conclusion: he expects the Conservatives to take a real battering at the polls in May.  It shouldn’t really be any surprise that one Conservative MEP suggests that people vote for….another Conservative MEP.  In other news, bears do indeed […]

Uncontrolled immigration from Bulgaria and Romania

Much has been written on the situation in Sheffield’s Page Hall district regarding the Roma community, mainly from Slovakia.  UKIP’s position is perfectly clear: immigrants are guests in our country and should be expected to respect our culture.  Those who commit crimes in the UK should expect to be deported.  But of course, whilst in […]

A great weekend for UKIP

There’s not much that beats speaking to potential new UKIP members, so I was actually quite pleased to get the call to speak at a public meeting in Stockton on Friday before the NE Conference – even though it meant I’d miss out on the Tynemouth dinner.  By all accounts, the dinner was a real […]

Nissan won’t leave UK over EU

I really need to update this site more often!  The Nissan story is one which causes real concern in the North East.  This is yet another example of scaremongering from the pro-EU lobby.  Firstly, Ghosn didn’t actually say that Nissan would leave the UK if we weren’t in the EU.  He didn’t even imply that […]