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I believe….in immigration?

As a right-winger and UKIP member, I believe in immigration. That sentence might sound slightly surprising coming from the General Secretary of a Party which is perceived by the media as anti-immigration. So let me explain. I reject uncontrolled immigration. I reject immigration beyond the ability of our country’s infrastructure to cope.   Recently, I’ve […]

Speech in Doncaster

On Saturday I was the guest speaker at the Doncaster branch social meeting.  A number of new members (and some who’d been members for a while but never attended a meeting turned up.  It was also good to catch up with Rob Bower, who had leafleted for my Police Commissioner campaign last year but had […]

Belfast meeting a huge success

The Party’s support in Northern Ireland is increasing quickly.  As well as myself, the speakers were David McNarry MLA and Paul Nuttall MEP with Cllr. Henry Reilly as the Chairman.  The first surprise of the night was the sheer number of people who turned up: a venue with space for 70 members had been booked, […]

UKIP Councillor meeting

Last Tuesday I had the privilege to chair a meeting of the UKIP County Councillors in Lincolnshire. Some of the new councillors had worked hard over months or even years to get elected; others were elected because of the national swing to UKIP and hadn’t really considered the possibility that they might actually find themselves […]