Letter – Time to gain control of our borders

Dear Editor,

Due to the high number of immigrants moving to the UK because of EU enforced unlimited migration laws, recent reports have revealed that the UK now has one of the highest birth rates in Europe.

Our health system is under unprecedented strain, our public transport is overloaded, and we face a severe shortage of housing.  If our birth-rate continues to rise so rapidly, how will we afford to build the new schools, hospitals and the other services these new citizens will require?  Simultaneously, while we fund all these new services, government departments face universal funding shortages and we have to tackle an unprecedented financial deficit.

Controlled immigration has benefits for our society, but I believe it is time to end the senseless open-borders policy enforced by the EU.   We must introduce a new migration system, based on what our country needs.  This system should be based on the model used in Australia – who have an immigration system tailor made to suit the needs of the country.

Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

Letter – Shaking up the cosy chumocracy

Dear Editor,

It’s a given that if you wish to shake up the cosy chumocracy in Parliament that you’ll receive a host of attacks, and be on the end of a type of politics, which quite frankly, should remain in the gutter.

Dennis Sewell’s letter yesterday (07.10.14) was a fine example of this.

When we look at the millionaire-filled green benches of Westminster, on all sides of the house, who claim to represent the decent hard working people of the North, is it any surprise that people are voting UKIP in their droves?

I’m a former Maths teacher. UKIP’s deputy leader is from Bootle, one of the poorest constituencies in the country. Amjad Bashir MEP; a bloke from Bradford who started off selling perfume door-to-door in order to support his family. Would any of us seriously be accepted into the bloated political consensus which exists today?

Let’s scrap the bedroom tax, put a halt to the Labour/Tory drive to privatise our NHS and ensure those who are the lowest paid in society do not pay a penny piece in income tax.

This would be a strong start to support the North East, and punish Lazy Labour which has neglected our region for years.

Jonathan Arnott MEP, UKIP

North East Region.

Letter – We must fix our broken foreign aid system so we can make a real difference for those in genuine need

Dear Editor,

I read with interest last week’s letter from the region’s Labour MEPs about the Ebola crisis in Africa.

The UK has one of the largest aid budgets in the world.  We need to make sure the money we are giving away goes to the right people so that it can make a genuine difference.

Millions of people around the world live in poverty and are at threat from disease and countless other crises.  Even here in the UK, millions of our pensioners face the daily choice between heating and eating.  Meanwhile, in the last ten years the UK has donated money to a list of countries that includes world powers such as India, Russia and Argentina.

The crisis facing Africa today is a great tragedy and I hope we can start to get a hold of the spread of this awful disease before it spreads any further.  We could do a lot more to tackle this crisis and countless other issues if we fixed our broken and unfit for purpose foreign aid budget.

Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East region

Letter – Time for tougher prison sentences for animal abuse

Dear Editor,

I recently read with disgust the recent reports about local thugs in Seaham who tortured a stolen pet rabbit to death. This is completely unacceptable in our society and I was appalled to learn that they only received community sentences. Crimes like this deserve jail; these thugs got away virtually scot-free with a community sentence.

It is time we started to take animal abuse seriously; even in the most serious of abuse cases the maximum sentence is far too low with the maximum sentence being less than a year. It is high time the government increased the highest possible sentence, to ensure a much tougher punishment for those carrying out these disgusting crimes.

Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East region

Letter – It is time to re-examine how we deal with international aid

Dear Editor,

Since 2010 our government has drastically cut services in all aspects of UK public life – whilst simultaneously paying hundreds of millions of pounds of international aid to India.  I would like to congratulate the people of India for the fantastic achievement of putting a satellite into orbit around Mars.  Of course I believe we should help out those in need.  But I can’t approve of paying hundreds of millions of pounds of foreign aid to a country that has such a space programme.  It’s not just an isolated case either; in recent years taxpayers’ money has gone to powers like Russia and Argentina.

Our aid budget needs to be spent where it will have the most impact, where people are most vulnerable.  We can’t justify giving money to these powers whilst people die from Ebola in Africa, and for that matter, whilst pensioners in Hartlepool face the choice of either being cold or hungry.  Let’s get hold of this bloated, ineffective aid budget and do our bit to make peoples lives better, at home as well as abroad.

Jonathan Arnott

UKIP MEP – North East

Letter- Response to Commissioner Andor’s comments on EU immigration

Dear Editor,

Laszlo Andor (EU Commissioner for Employment) has called uncontrolled mass immigration a “minor issue”, and amazingly, rather than addressing the issue, has suggested we should instead invest in new facilities, housing and services so that we can specifically support a further wave of EU immigrants.

These are harsh times. Unemployment remains high and millions of people face the choice this winter between heating and eating.   We already have a housing shortage, our schools are so overcrowded that playgrounds are being placed on rooftops, and councils across the region are making drastic cuts to basic services.

I can’t comprehend how the EU expects us to spend money we don’t have, to make room for thousands of new European immigrants in our towns and cities, when we are currently failing those who already live in them so badly.

How can Mr Andor expect us to improve health infrastructure when we are cutting services and staff hours all across the North East?   We need to put our house in order. We need to control our borders and our budget.  We need to get people out of fuel poverty and cut reliance on food banks.

Jonathan Arnott MEP (UKIP North East)