My motivation

There’s two things that have always driven me in life: the desire to make a difference to our world (which is kinda the point as a Christian) and the desire to teach, to educate, to help other people to maximise their potential.

As a kid, I always had a flair for the dull academic stuff. I knew all my multiplication tables when I was 3 years old. When I started school, I remember from the age of 6 my Maths teacher asking me to explain to other kids in my class how to do the work when he didn’t have time to help everyone individually. It was an amazing opportunity. From a young age, I got the chance to learn how to teach by the best possible method: doing it. I learned instinctively about how different people learn in different ways. They say that children pick up foreign languages quicker than adults; our brains are just wired that way – to pick up new concepts and vocabulary quicker when we’re younger.

I didn’t learn to speak a foreign language until later, but I learned something just as useful: the language of teaching, of communicating, of taking people from where they were at – and helping them to learn. Since then, I’ve always loved to teach and to coach.

I’m motivated by making our world a better place. I don’t want to just leave our broken society in the same place that I’ve found it. I want to make a difference, to improve it. That’s why I went into politics in the first place. Sadly, I wasn’t able to personally transform everything that’s wrong with Western society. I do think, though, that I’ve made an impact. I look at some changes that have happened – for example in taxation – and I can honestly, hand on heart, say that if I hadn’t been driving those things forward, I don’t think we’d have seen the changes.

Real life, unlike fairytales, doesn’t always work that way. We can’t change everything – and politics can suck you down a rabbit-hole if you let it.

When you’re teaching, when you’re educating, you’re still making a difference – just in a different way. I’m a natural educator, but standard schoolteaching isn’t right for me either. It’s so constrained, so restricted: in the UK, lesson planning is taken to an extreme which removes a lot of the uniqueness of teaching.

I’ve also gained expertise and experience in politics at a critical time for our future. We’re living in historic times, and I can help to navigate the maze of our ever-changing world.

I am passionate about helping to train up the next generation, however that might happen: whether that’s through public speaking, lecturing, writing or mentoring.