Fishing for Leave Flotilla

North East MEP Jonathan Arnott will be showing his support for the Fishing for Leave campaign by attending the Tyne flotilla event tomorrow. (Fri)

The Fishing for Leave is kicking-off the March to Leave to Westminster and Mr Arnott, Independent Euro-MP,  is backing the groups who want MPs to honour the Brexit vote.

“This is one of the most important issues this country has faced for decades and it has been handled so badly that it is no wonder that people are taking to the streets – and the water – to show just how let down they feel.

“They are also determined that the result of the 2016 Referendum should be faithfully enacted by Parliament and not, as we have been sadly seeing, turned into a betrayal of democracy,” said Mr Arnott.

Brexit will almost certainly be delayed, one way or the other.

Following the Prime Minister’s statement today local MEP Jonathan Arnott said, “Theresa May’s statement today makes it clear – but not in so many words – that Brexit will almost certainly be delayed, one way or the other.

“IF her deal passes on March 12th, it is likely that there will be a need for a so-called ‘technical extension’ to pass legislation.

“IF the deal doesn’t pass, Parliament will reject no-deal on March 13th; on March 14th the government will seek to delay Brexit until June.

“The British people voted for Brexit in 2016. I am hugely uneasy about the message that this sends to the 17.4 million who legitimately expected that their votes would not be ignored.

“A delay to Brexit to secure a good deal with the EU would be distasteful enough. But a delay to Brexit which seeks to ensure a bad deal that would bind and limit the UK for generations to come, is utterly intolerable,” said Mr Arnott, Independent MEP for the North East.

The Labour Party has just disavowed its own Manifesto. Their MPs were therefore, effectively, elected under false pretences

Plans by Labour for a second referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU have been slated by local MEP Jonathan Arnott.

“We’ve already voted four times on Brexit  – European elections 2014, General Election 2015, EU referendum 2016, General Election 2017 – and to have yet another vote would be a betrayal. “

And he pointed out, “To have another referendum would require further European elections – three years after we voted to Leave – and a six month-plus extension of Article 50.

“We’ve already waited long enough.

“In my view if the British people were offered a choice between a soft Brexit and no-Brexit, a generation would lose faith in democracy, such a referendum would be farcical.”

Mr Arnott, Independent MEP for the North East,  continued, “Jeremy Corbyn’s position on IRA terrorism, Palestinian terrorism, antisemitism, Venezuela, etc. have made him the most appalling leader of the opposition ever.

“His one redeeming feature has been to say that he would deliver Brexit. He’s now betrayed even that.

“This is a cynical move by Corbyn. He has split his own Party, lost the confidence of his backbenchers, failed to deal with anti-semitism and risked the destruction of his own party.

“This plan is clearly designed to shore up his own support within the Party and has nothing to do with what’s right for the country.

“The Labour Party has just disavowed its own Manifesto. Their MPs were therefore, effectively, elected under false pretences,” he said.

Europe Day Bank Holiday Bribe

The plan to declare Europe Day – May 9 – a Bank Holiday across the European Union has been described as “a bribe”.

MEP Jonathan Arnott, who hit out at the plan ahead of today’s vote by the European Parliament,  said it was “to bribe voters with a holiday to like the European Union more.

“If it is thought that voters will actually like the EU more after this decision they are wrong. People are not as stupid as they like to think though they are still hell-bent on imposing their will on them.

Mr Arnott, Independent MEP for the North East, said he accepted that more Bank Holidays are needed, particularly in the UK, but suggested that in view of the Brexit vote, March 29 or June 23 “might be a little more fitting.”

The vote in favour of the May 9 Bank Holiday was passed by 455 to 190 votes but as it was non-legislative it may never come to fruition.

Mr Arnott has also voiced his concerns on a report on European Citizenship, which seeks to impose a EU identity upon citizens in countries across Europe.

“That is not a European identity, you can feel European while still considering the structures, these institutions to be bad for democracy and bad for accountability,” he said.

“If there is one thing we should have realised by now, should be absolutely obvious by now, it is that the State cannot impose identity on the people.

Mr Arnott, speaking in Strasbourg, pointed out, “There are more calls for taxpayers’ money to be spent to attack any anti-EU dissenting voice. When you define pro-EU is being good and anti-EU as being propaganda, when the State dictates speech and opinion you erode democracy.”

He added, “From my point of view virtually every decision they make just confirms that the British public were right to vote to leave.”

North East Fishermen News Welcomed

A concession that the North East’s fishermen would gain in the event of a no-deal Brexit, made by an EU Commissioner, has been welcomed by a local MEP.

Speaking to the EU Budget Committee in response to questions from Jonathan Arnott and others, Commissioner Oettinger said: “Fishermen from France, Ireland, Germany, Denmark fish in UK waters because we have a Single Market.

“This right would fall the day after an exit and that is why it is important if we want to maintain fishermen’s’ rights after a [no-deal] Brexit, if the Brits agree to that, then we would have to give ground on something else as well. There would have to be a quid-pro-quo.”

The news was welcomed by Mr Arnott, a North East Independent MEP, who said: “This is great news for the North East’s hard-working fishermen.

“Whilst I’ve always wanted the UK to negotiate a decent, fair deal with the European Union for Brexit, sadly at present there is no reasonable deal on the table.

“The Commissioner just agreed that in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the European Union would lose access to fishing in British waters. He accepted that this would be a bigger blow to the EU than to the UK, and that the EU would have to offer something in return if it wanted to continue any access to British waters.

“That’s what we’ve been saying for decades – perhaps Remainers will listen now that they’re hearing it from an EU Commissioner.”

Statements regarding Theresa May’s Brexit deal defeat

Following Theresa May’s Brexit deal defeat North East Independent MEP Jonathan Arnott said, “The British government  has today gone down to the biggest defeat of any government in British history, on the most critical issue of our generation.

“This should be a huge win for those of us who recognise the massive failings of Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement, but it is difficult to be too optimistic right now.

“Anti-democracy forces are absolutely determined to subvert the will of the people, as expressed in one European election, one referendum and two General Elections.

“The coming weeks will be pivotal in determining whether or not the British people succeed in regaining the freedom that they voted for. Those weeks will determine whether we can still, in any meaningful sense, call our system of government democratic.”