Scrap Hartlepool wind turbine plans says the town’s UKIP Euro MP, Jonathan Arnott

Plans which would see the highest wind turbines throughout the whole of England and Wales built in Hartlepool should be scrapped according to the town’s UKIP Euro MP, Jonathan Arnott.

Permission is being sought for three single turbines over 200m (655ft) high at Graythorp Industrial Estate, Brenda Road West Industrial Estate and Tofts Road West.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change said it believed these would be the highest in England and Wales.

Arnott said “In the UK we have an energy crisis. I completely understand that in 21st century Britain we should be looking at sustainable energy sources, however, it is ludicrous that we consistently look to expensive wind farms as the most efficient option.

“Whist wind turbines may suit rich landowners who can afford to have them on their estate, it will not suit many pensioners and families across Hartlepool who will feel the brunt of the subsidy on their energy bills, leaving them with the stark choice this winter between heating and eating.

 According to The Poverty Site, in 2009, 4 million homes were classified as being in fuel poverty (18% of all households in England) – households are considered by the Government to be in ‘fuel poverty’ if they would have to spend more than 10% of their household income on fuel to keep their home in a ‘satisfactory’ condition.

“We should instead be investing in alternative technologies such as tidal and nuclear power. Both of which are both far more sustainable and efficient, and would go a considerable distance in making energy bills cheaper in comparison to Labour’s proposed phoney price freeze”. 

Dualling the A1 is the road to growth for the North East

Following reports by the BBC that the cost to dual the A1 throughout Northumberland would come in at just under £600 million, UKIP’s North East MEP, Jonathan Arnott, said the following: “£600 million to dual the A1 is a price worth paying.Billions of pounds is set to be spent on the HS2 vanity project which would ultimately see just a few minutes shaved off for commuters, and quite possibly, even more work heading towards London from the North of England leaving our region worse off”.

“Dualling the A1 would be the road to growth for the North East. The road would undoubtedly make the region a much more attractive proposition for business, which is good for jobs and growth in the area”.

UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott says scrap tax on minimum wage jobs following Redcar foodbank visit

People on minimum wage shouldn’t have to pay a single penny in income tax according the region’s UKIP Euro MP Jonathan Arnott.

The comments came following a visit to a Redcar foodbank where he met volunteers working for a foodbank associated with the Trussell Trust.

Arnott said “It was fantastic to see some of the incredible work that volunteers at a foodbank in Redcar were undertaking, and how they have given support to hundreds of people in just a matter of months.

“However, whilst it is clear that there are plenty of people at a grassroots level that are doing their utmost to support their communities, politicians are failing to deliver.

“It was clear on my visit that a high proportion of those who are using a foodbank are employed and earning a wage, and it seems scandalous to me that this figure is rising by the day.

Most recent figures from the Trussell Trust show that foodbanks across the North East supported nearly 60,000 people between 2013-14, with nearly 40% of the figure being children.

“Many people fall victim to the overcomplicated welfare system which was created by the previous Labour government. The solution? Simplify our tax and benefits system and increase the tax threshold so no one on the minimum wage pays a penny piece in income tax”.